The Jerkmaica Story, from a love of jerk & Jamaica to the dream of sharing our food with other food lovers.

We have perfected our jerk recipe of 15 herbs & spices.

Along the way the loyal Jerkmaican’s helped to develop the rounded taste and 24 hour marinating and slow cooking process which makes Jerkmaica chickens the best dressed chicken’s in town.

Dry Rub: The Secret’s in the Rub

a little TLC goes a long way…


The key process in jerking is the marinade. There are many different recipes for this and a big big choice to make – wet or Dry! We have created and tried over a 100 different flavour combinations, both wet and dry and are happy to say that nothing beats a good Dry Rub. This is the method favoured by the bbq specialists all around the world. It also means the bird releases all it’s own flavours when it’s ready.

The Ingredients!

‘Allspice is twice as nice’…


Scotch Bonnet….is the first main ingredient in the jerk seasoning. This chilli is a variety of the Habanero, so named for the shape of the pepper which resembles a Scottish tam or hat. The pepper is the prime preservative and also provides an aid to digestion. Habanero chillies are arguably the hottest chillies in the world…one thousand times hotter than the jalapeno…so we make sure we use it in moderation.believe that giving tender loving care to our chickens is a necessity in the development of the flavour. It is hot hot hot – and we love it! Scotch Bonnets have a unique flavour, unlike any other chilli, their sweetness is quite addictive.

Allspice….known in Jamaica as – Pimenta/Pimento/Dioca berry is a necessity in jerk seasoning….it is gleaned from the evergreen pimento tree and bears and resemblance to black peppercorns with a pungent sweet aroma.

Thyme….a common herb to the uk is also widely used in caribbean foods. Thyme acts as a key flavorant and aid to digestion, bonus!


24 Hours From Bliss!

‘All good things come to those who wait’…


We believe that giving tender loving care to our chickens is a necessity in the development of the flavour.

As such, we season our birds in the Jerkmaica dry spice rub containing scotch bonnets, pimentos, thyme and many other secret ingredients.

During the 24 hours of rest, the chickens fully absorb the flavour and are raring to go!!

Slo’ Food

Slo’ Food is the new fast food.


We have tried and tested many cooking times and techniques.

Slow cooking produced the best results as the natural juices of the chicken are able to slowly mingle with the seasoning.

The result is a well spiced, succulent, juicy chicken.

Slow cooking also uses less energy than fast cooking….so one up for the environment!

After all, what’s the rush?


Slo’ Food Forever, after all, what’s the rush?