Our approach to food:

well marinated, slow cooked food to warm your soul. we’ve spent a long while and bought some crazy equipment to allow us to bring you the best charcoal jerk spit roast chicken on the market!

so what’s the smoke about?

well, it would be hard to beat a bit of 15 hour smoked brisket, wouldn’t it? but try our smoked jerk brisket…this is a bbq revelation!!

ps. don’t try this at home unless you have a lot of time on your hands and a very understanding partner who doesn’t mind inhaling hickory wood smoke…you’ve been warned!!!!



What else?

Music! Our team is passionate about making great tasting food and serving it up in a great environment.

Calling All Jerkmaicans

You have to come and try this…

Jerkmaicans, We Salute You!!