Jerk Story


Jerk is an old cooking method unique to Jamaica which derived from a fusion of African, Indian & Spanish flavours.  Using only natural ingredients, ‘jerking’ was used to preserve meats in the days before refrigeration.  The key ingredients pimento (commonly known as allspice), thyme and the famous Scotch Bonnet Chilli – so named for it’s fiery taste and resemblance to a Scots bonnet are all natural and grown on the rich Jamaican soil.




Fusing Jerk + Jamaica led to the brith of Jekrmaica

Inititially started in 2004 as a restaurant in North London, the venture expanded into weddings, christenings, birthdays, blessings,  school celebrations and the odd funeral

During this time we listened to our customers feedback and developed our uniques taste which encompasses our mantra….Born of Jamaica, Made in London!


Now it’s time to take our food to the masses, JERK is the future!

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Jerk Through The Ages

a brief jerk timeline….


1500 ‘s – Americas discovered, first sighting of jerked meat as prepared by the indiginous Indian people.

1600’s  – England colonise Jamaica. African slaves learn the jerking techniques and carry forward

1700’s  – The Maroons {ashanti slaves}, led by Queen Nanny, rebel against British rule and start a guerilla war fuelled by jerk pork.

1800’s – Jerk travels the high seas, being taken with a swig of cane sugar rum by the british navy

1900’s – Jerk arrives big style in England, with the wave of immigration from 50’s on.

2000’s – Jerk Chicken is the food of choice at the Notting Hill Carnival!!!

2004 – Jerkmaica opens it’s doors in Crouch end

2017 – Jerkmaica part 2 opens in Chapel Market, N1

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Jerking at the Jubilee

 In 1977…Jubile time, yeh!…


My mum first served Jerk to our neighbours during the street party

‘ So this is why your kids are always dancing! Can i have some more of that, please.’


God Save The Queen, But Please Save Me Some Jerk!!!

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