Probably everything you wanted to know – if not ask us!

yes, in crouch end

When will you be available in supermarkets?

We are working on our packaging and marketing to enable us to reach you via the supermarkets.

We’ll keep you up to date on our progress

Watch This Space!!!


Why is marinating chicken so important?

Just like slow cooking, slow marinating allows our special jerk seasoning to soak into the chicken and therefore flavour the bird.

every chicken deserves at least 24 hours of TLC!!

How slow cooked is slo’ cooked?

We believe that the best things in life are worth waiting for, so we slow cook our jerk chickens to ensure they maintain all their lovely juices. Our red meat dishes are cooked even longer!

Cooked slo’ – served fast


Is your original recipe from Jamaica?

The original Jerkmaican has taken all his heritage and put it into a modern take to reflect the feedback from all types of customers.

But we can’t tell you exactly how we do it – you’ll have to come to try for yourself!

So true to the mantra ‘Born of Jamaica, Made in London’


Is your jerk recipe peanut and dairy free?

We don’t have any nuts or dairy in our famous jerk chicken recipe but the chickens are cooked in a kitchen that may contain nuts and use dairy produce for other recipes.