Jerkmaica was founded out of love for spiced, flavoursome caribbean food. I have spent many years with mom and pops learning the secrets of jerking….we now want to share these flavours with you all!

the original jerkmaican


We are very excited about the next Jerkmaica venture – jerkmaica | roti shop, featuring open rotis like my mum used to make and dhal puri trinidadian rotis that she made us for very special occasions only!

Jerkmaica Manifesto

our simple way to a happier life


We cook it slow so you don’t have to

We love flavour; spicy hot jerk with cooling slaw, sticky brioche with melt-in-the-mouth goat. It’s simple food – not easy food. Our food encompasses the best of both worlds – we cook it slow and serve it fast.

We will continue with our passion to deliver you the best jerk and slow cooked food.

We will have fun cooking and serving delicious food, so you will have fun eating it!

Jerkmaica is not just about jerk, it is a way of life.

Jerkmaica Story

in the beginning…


From a dream to promote the merits of Caribbean cuisine, Jerkmaica has been more than 10 years in the making.

Now, having perfected the 15 herbs and spices jerk recipe we are sharing it with you in as many locations as will have us.

Along the way loyal Jerkmaican’s helped to develop our delicious taste and the 24 hour marinating and slow cooking process which makes our chickens the best dressed chickens in town.

This is just the start! We are working hard to expand and let Jerkmaica grow, for now we would love your support and feedback – visit us at Jerkmaica

Traits of a Jerkmaican

Love to cook and eat jerk

Passionate about flavours

Love a bit of spice

Love to cook slo’

Love share food with friends & family

Love the Caribbean style, culture and energy

Love music – the food of life!

You can be a Jerkmaican too!


the essence of a Jerkmaican

love music     love life     love family     

love yourself   &   love food